I have tried and tried to have meaningful conversations with my dad. They always devolve into him telling me about how much money he has. After waxing eloquent about his monetary station, the conversation lapses even further into such banal topics as weather and local sports franchises.

Every attempt I make at deflecting the conversation into something not about his finances lands me directly into a conversation about how hot it is, how wet it isn’t, how cold it was, etc… It doesn’t matter if the topic attempted is about finances or about retirement, if the topic cannot be steered back to HIS FINANCES then the phrase “how about that…” is quickly followed by heat, rain, snow, wind, etc… If I attempt to re-energize the conversation with something not weather related, BAM! Right into sports.

It makes me sad.

To recap:
If dad had invested in a sports franchise named after a weather phenomenon, his conversations would come down to mere talking points provided by a prospectus and PR department
By the way, the ‘rents are in town today
My grandma is turning 94-ish this weekend
Saturday is Wifey and my wedding anniversary
11 years of wedded bliss
Bliss! I tell you
Not sure what I am showing for Digital Thusday tomorrow
I am sure it will be all digital-ish though