20 Questions Tuesday: 108 - Exercise & Aging: Oil & Water II

Well, even though I am currently living in a post apocalyptic electricity deprived society, where only the lucky few are left suckling off the teat of modernity, I will still post what I was planning on posting for today’s 20 Questions Tuesday, the continuation of last week’s 20 Questions Tuesday. I received many great questions about aging and exercise, so many that I only asked a few people to add questions this week.

Thanks this week go to Allrileyedup, John P, Sparky, and Dr B-Dawg. Now, bring on the questions.

1. I just ran into someone in his mid twenties who introduced me to his fiancée as "she used to baby-sit me" -- how old should that make me feel?
Wow… oh, just wow… I know I would feel pretty darn old.

2. What makes you feel older -- running into some kid you know in the manner of the scenario above, or watching your own children grow?
I think the above scenario seems to make me feel more aged. For some reason my children’s development seems to be somehow outside of my own timeline.

3. Is there really no school like the old school?

4. Fill in the blank: older than _____

5. Do you use anti-aging skin creams?
They make anti-aging skin creams?!?! Does it help with joint pains?

6. Much like the Theory of Relativity do we age faster the more we exercise? I know it is supposed to be good for you but why do you develop all the aches and pains with each workout?
Sadly for me, a prolonged absence from working out produces more permanent aches and pains. Exercise aches and pains seem to be rather transient.

7. Pick one: workout regularly and age gracefully or enjoy chips (or bacon) and MT Dew and go out kicking and screaming?
I defy your instructions and choose both. I can gracefully exit kicking and screaming.

8. What was the motivation for the run? Someone giving chase perhaps?
I wish someone were chasing me. I would feel a bit more motivated then.

9. Should we investigate human cloning more so we could all get a body double that is made to stay in shape and then when our lazy heart, lungs, and liver give out just “borrow” them back? Ethic smethics.
I agree, ethics smethics, give me a new knee, SRH2.

10. Would you workout to stay in shape so you could participate in a sport with you children they enjoy even if you didn’t like it in the least?
Sadly, yes, unless that sport also required an insane amount of equipment, then it would just be financially silly.

11. Whatever happened to good ole jump and bounce aerobics complete with neon colored lycra, white Reeboks and legwarmers?
I imagine they still exist. Whilst at my previous gym membership I occasionally saw the odd aerobics and step aerobics class occurring. They were definitely not as frequent as the yoga and Pilate's classes.

12. What are your top 5 tunes on the iPod for exercising?
I exercise to Tool’s Lateralus.

13. LL Cool J - aging hasn't slowed him down or cooled off his uber-hotness. What gives?
I have no idea. The man is a lip-licking machine.

14. Same question, subject is Dara Torres.
I have no idea. The woman is a swim/runway modelling machine

15. Did you see any of SNL this weekend with Tina Fey as Palin or Michael Phelps hosting? This question has absolutely no relevance to the topic, but I'm asking the questions here!

16. Do you feel that you're aging gradually or that there are abrupt stages that are a little jarring?

I wish I were aging gradually, but it seems more like I have abrupt quantized stages.

17. How close are you to grabbing the yoga banner?

I tried yoga a bit whilst Wifey was teaching it. It is not an exercise for me.

18. As you move onward, would you rather be more Jack Lalanne or more John Goodman?

Isn’t there a happy more than medium leaning towards Jack?

19. a) You aren't wearing a step counter are you? b) If you do find yourself wearing one, does that forfeit your right to not have a bag thrown over your head and secreted away?

a) I count no steps. I am a specific distance or time frame runner.
b) I believe it does indicate a forfeiture of the Right Not to be Secreted Away by Masked Men

20. Do kids make the aging process speed up or slow down?

To recap:
Damn, I want my power back
I have stuff to do that cannot be accomplished behind work’s firewalls
I am tired of sleeping without the re-assuring sound of a fan
I want to clear out the fridge and begin anew
I am ready to watch TV again
Hopefully I will have happy power news tomorrow