Call me

Is it bad of me that I am nearly un-willing to leave people messages on their voicemail?
Truly, I do not think many of the people I would call are interested in hearing me stammer on about nothing and give some flimsy excuse for why I attempted to contact them, only to be thwarted by their lack of answering. Most times I am unwilling to leave a message stating that I called and that I really had nothing to call about. Clearly this is an issue of mine and mostly mine alone because I overhear people listening to messages on their voicemail all day long. The message is usually something like “Hey this is so-and-so, I don’t got nothin’ Gimme a call if ya want. Peace out. Word to ya mutha.”

I am sure you are reading this right now thinking “Why is SRH ‘innocently over-hearing’ conversations of someone that is so clearly stuck in the early 90’s?” There is one of you out there thinking “Sweet Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! Is he listening into my funky fresh voicemailzzzz, boyeeeee?” You need help, and you need to turn your phone off of speaker. Don’t hate the playa, G. Hate the game. See ya on the flip side.

Compounding my un-willingness to leave a message is the fact that most the people I am calling have some kind of caller ID going on. Often they call me back not having attempted to listen to the message I potentially could have left had I not deemed it largely useless. It is clear that both caller and responder in this chess game are already 4 moves ahead.

To recap:
I stuck in a meeting today to talk about Moroccan radar systems and Filipino telecommunications systems
Q is getting better we think
Still a bit on the snotty side though
I have no idea what the fam will be doing for dinner tonight
I have to finish up a mapping challenge and post the final results tonight
If I get that done that will be the Digital Thursday submission for tomorrow
Are you all excited now?
I am all a flutter
Listening to Righteous Ape & Bird by The Octopus Project from Identification Parade