20 Questions Tuesday: 112 - Animals 2

Here we are again at the crossroads of life known as 20 Questions Tuesday. This installment of the cultural phenomenon is the second in a 2 part series of questions regarding animals. For some reason second in a 2 part series sounds much better than the conclusion of a 2 part series. I wonder why that is? Anyway… The questions are about animals.

Thanks this week go to All Rileyed Up, JA Coppinger, Dr B Dawg, Amy, and Wifey.

On to the questions :

1. Did you ever watch the Tiny Toons movie How I Spent My Summer Vacation? How hilarious was Elmyra at the wild animal drive through park?
Nope, never saw that movie. I was not a big Tiny Toons fan. The whole Tiny Toons idea seemed weak from the beginning. The concept was clearly a product of groupthink. What caqn I say, when it comes to Warner Brothers cartoons, I am a purist.

2. I believe you have a no-pets-allowed situation on the home front? Does Little Man ever ask for pets or is he cool without them? Would you consider a hairless pet, like a turtle or fish?
We are a furry animal free house due to Little Man’s allergies and asthma, but so far he has not wanted to have any animals in the house. I am not averse to having a hairless “pet” in the house, but in my opinion turtles, iguanas, and fish are not pets as much as visual oddities of which to simply behold. There is not much interactivity with them and therefore I question their pethood.

3. You lived in the south. Got any good alligator stories?
Other than eating some fried gator tail at a boat up restaurant outside of Tampa, I have no gator stories.

4. Why do fairs continue to give away goldfish that die quickly and force us to teach our children about death?
Fairs are evil places with glorious fried delectables. Honestly, if they battered the gold fish, deep fried it, and sprinkled it with powdered sugar I wouldn’t even be fielding this question.

5. What was the name and your fondest memory of your first pet?
We had a cat while I was growing up named, Sox (think Chicago White Sox). Anywho… I don’t really know why but she would always put her paw on my nose… I miss that.

6. How awesome was Animal from the Muppets?
Pert darn near perfect.

7. What did you think of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”?
Never read it. Somehow I got away with not having to read it. In many ways that makes me very happy.

8. Which animal would you like to genetically manipulate to take down the Hippos of the world?
Meer Kats. I would love to see them swarm a hippo like piranha on a injured swimming capybara.

9. Do house cats think of themselves as small lions or big lions?
Big big lions

10. Which animals would Heidi Klum dismiss first from Project Runway - the striped, the spotted or the furry ones?
I think the simply furry ones would be sent home first because of not going far enough to sell their look. Then the spotted ones would be out because of trying too hard to be spotted. Last to go would be the striped, but if anything were dappled, it would win.

11. If an animal were to maul you to death, which would you prefer it be?
A Yeti, but a girl yeti… this time.

12. If you had the chance to name a species after you, what would you name it and what would you like for it to look or act like?
The mmmmmpig, it would look much like a pig except much more bacony.

13. How do you feel about children growing up with pets? Do you think it makes a difference on their immune system (fewer allergies as adults)?
I like children growing up with pets because of the love of animals, but I don’t think having them in the house does anything for or against allergies. Little Man came into a household of 3 cats, but still developed a rather severe allergy to cat dander. Part of that reaction is due to the exposure and part is just a predisposition.

14. Marmosets or meerkats?
Meer Kats… see question number 8

15. I already know your favorite animal - the wolverine. (cue: the only one who kills for pleasure). I already know your least favorite animal - the hippo. (albeit for no fault of its own, rather for not having any natural enemies). You are a man of strong passions...what is the animal that you simply feel "meh" about?
The gnu. Mainly due to the spelling. Whatev.

16. What is the silliest animal that Little Man is afraid of?

17. How come it's perfectly acceptable for lions to kill a gazelle and eat it raw, but when I eat steak out of the fridge I'm all barbaric and stuff?
Because you have thumbs and the ability to warm meat. Do you think that lions really want raw gazelle? If they had the opportunity to feast on Gazelle cakes with a spicy remoulade, don’t you think they would? We have a microwave, you barbarous carnivore.

18. Animal print sheets: does it really ignite passion or does it make you laugh hysterically thereby reducing your ability to perform?
I have never had the occasion to test whether or not animal print sheets would cause me passion or hysterics. I also think it may depend on the animal print. Tiger stripes would have a better chance of passion than say Okapi print sheets. Leopard print might work better than say, a tortoise shell print.

19. Animal Crackers – aren’t they really a cookie? I mean, would they go in soup? Animal crackers: iced or un-iced? or should I say nasty or un-iced?
Animal crackers are cookies and should be iced with pink icing.

20. Baddest animal you ever came across while scouting? Ever seen an animal in nature that took your breath away?
Black Bear with cub…. Black Bear with cub

To recap:
We are looking for a new nanny now
The current nanny is moving into Cananananda in a few weeks
She sent in her 2 weeks notice on Sunday
That makes us sad because she was great with the kids
Back to the drawing board
Oh, well
I think my allergy season is upon me
Stupid allergies
Listening to my phone ring
Gotta go.