2 things

Thing the First:

The problem with being sick as a parent is that you still have to be “on.” There is no holing yourself in a room and sleeping the illness away without active and constant assistance from somewhere. I am a bit under the weather right now. If I were in my 20’s with no kids in tow, I would alert my wife to my illitude and sleep it off for 14 hours emerging stubbly yet for the most part unscathed. In some ways I miss those days.

This is merely a head cold. A head cold that through the miracles of modern science will be mitigated by altering my body chemistry and allowing me to fogilly move through the day. As it is I feel like I am running at about 56% of my baseline mental capacity. Since I am normally running at 78%, that means I and at a whopping 43.68% mental capacity of a typical hairless ape. Just thought you should know.

Thing the Second:

One of my coworkers knows a guy who is a train engineer. He drives trains and everything. I thought he was working for Norfolk Southern but is seems (via evidence) that he in fact works for CSX Transportation (who are running some killer commercials right now). Anywho… I contacted him about a year ago to see if there was any train swag he could send my way for a 4 year old (at the time). I never really heard back from the guy. No biggie. Nothing lost nothing gained. Move on.

Well, it seems he probably saw us out at the Weber Road crossing gate the other day whilst they were replacing the CSX track crossing (they own the rights to the Westernmost track of the three tracks that cross that street). Well, there was some temporary track across the street at time and the trains had to travel very slowly across the temp stuff. Needless to say there was a bunch of waving “face time” with the train personnel that evening and the following evening.

Lo and behold 5 days later SWAG

Thanks to train engineer, Eric and his middle man ACW for the kick ass Engineer’s Lantern for Little Man. He loves it. He has already had to use it since someone stole a bunch of the copper wire Monday and Tuesday morning causing us to have some outages in the wee hours of those mornings. The lantern is an unmitigated success. I did a great job of keeping the dark at bay.

To recap:
Ill = not good
I am tired
I will be leaving work early today
Because I am sick
Listening to my own sniffles and sneezes