3 Things

One would think that after 3 days of not blogging (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I would have an easier time coming up with a topic for a Monday Post. One would be incorrect and slightly stoopid. One needs to recognize that I am not that talented nor am I that observant of my surroundings. One should also realize that one should ponder more important questions than whether or not I will have a ready at hand topic for Monday’s post. Truly one has their priorities misplaced.

Upon sensible reflection there are 3 things of which to illumine today.

Thing the First: One kid feeling a bit off over a weekend is difficult… 2 is really a different level of difficulty. Both kids got some shots on Friday and therefore were a bit under the weather over the weekend. Neither was really sick enough to be out of it. They were both just sick enough to be lethargic but not sick enough to not be bored. It is a perfect level of sickness.

Thing the Second: The house looks much better clean. Well, duh. Wifey and I focused on cleaning for our Sunday activity. We focused so much on it that Little Man actually joined the fray willingly. Scratch this from the record. The House looks much better clean? Come on, SRH, you can do better than that.

Thing the Second (Again): It turns out that I cannot in fact do better than the simple statement “The house looks much better clean.” I tried and, unfortunately, I am not nearly as capable as I had thought. My apologies.

Thing the Third: Little Man got the most kick-assiest haircut yesterday. Really, he looks awesome. Wee waited probably about a week too long to get a haircut for him, but the one we got clearly makes up for the lack of haircut a week ago.

To recap:
More animal questions tomorrow
I could sleep right now without even waiting 30 seconds
This weather is creating some head-ish discomfort
Not bad enough discomfort to call it a head ache, but discomfort none the less
Wifey is going to another “jewelry party” tonight
Guys don’t have those kinds of parties
I think I am phoning it in for the week
Not listening to anything right now