20 Questions Tuesday: 114 - Half-Assed

This week I have decided that it is much easier to just phone it in… half-ass it… ummm… I would look up some more idiomatic synonyms, but that would take effort.

Thanks this week go to A “C-game” W, “Kinda” Rileyed Up, JA Cop-somethingoranother, John "Maybe" P, Peefer the Meh, and Bel"sorta"sum.

The questions:
1. My coworker had enough of today after 5 hours (including lunch) - is that considered half-assing it?
Well, it is neither half of the ass. Firstly to truly half ass it they either shouldn’t have come into work and stayed at home in their jammies, and secondly if they made it into work they the true way to phone it in is to chat about non-work things.

2. Is work the only place where you 'phone it in'?
Of course.

3. Do you think you'll pass the phoning it in gene to your kids?
I believe if passing happens it already has.

4. What is your opinion of Bluetooth? Helpful or makes people look crazy?
I think Bluetooth can make the crazy look not so crazy. People who talk to themselves are not considered grazy if they have a headset or earbud… I have seen people ranting and raving, flailing their arms crazily and cursing to the heavens. With nary a soul around… I thought they were a bit loopy, but then I saw the Bluetooth earpiece and thought, how businessmanlike.

5. Where did the term "half ass" emerge from? I mean, would it be good to whole ass something? I’m not sure so please explain…is half assing better or worse than full assing it? Is it possible to ¼ ass it?
As for its idiomatic origins, I am sure it had something to do with donkeys and fields and effort. As to the other levels of "assing it," I have no idea.

6. What’s the deal with ET? Why is it considered soooooo great?
I have never watched the movie, so I cannot say. That's right I am a child of the 80's and I have never seen ET.

7. What kind of phone do you use?
It is made by Samsung and I believe the model is the SG-Piece-of-Crap- 465

8. Does little man know how to use the phone?
Not really, and considering that his caregivers are pretty much a 9-1-1 call away from pathological tissue samples, it probably is the right time to teach him about phones.

9. If you’re only putting ½ your ass into the blog, what will the other half be doing? Ummm… sitting

10. Can you still call it “phoning it in” in the age of the Interwebs?
Better than calling it “txtn it n”

11. Why do questions revolve around other things? Is there an orbital-interrogatory theorem I’m unaware of?
The gravitas of a question determines the orbit. So deep questions about tough subjects cause closer and stronger revolutions. I am sure I could get an equation set up if I had the inclination.

12. Did you ever do some phone phreaking as a kid? Use the home phone to call the house, etc.
Get out, the call is coming from inside the house…

13. Would it be possible for us to start up a company that delivers subliminal messages in the elevator music while on hold? Maybe this is already done and I am unawares. Must go buy something now…
I am sure it is buy grape sodas possible to mmmm Nehi is good add subliminal Grape Crush is better than that strawberry crap messages to Welch’s Grape Soda is just around the corner nearly anything.

14. Is Little Man allowed to answer the phone and what is his preferred intro?
We have not banned him from answering, he just doesn’t seem that interested. He doesn’t even like talking to people he likes on the phone much less answering it from someone he doesn’t necessarily know.

15. Alexander Graham Bell: genius or ruinous lay about who was too lazy and impatient to write?
Alexander Graham Bell, The Lazy Bastard of Edinburgh, next on PBS in HD!

16. If you really focused, how long do you think it would take you to do an average week's work.

The problem is not so much focus as down time in between actions. I watch a bunch of progress bars creep across my screen. That being said, if we removed progress bars and computing time, it would boil down to 3 days.

17. A woman's ass can be quite an attractive feature. I don't think this is true for half an ass. Why is that?

Half just does not seem complete.

18. Do you prefer to phone it in (sick, or otherwise), or to inform the boss by e-mail?

I use a phone to his administrative assistant, so not even to him. Any direct contact with him would be waaay too personal.

19. Friday afternoon: a) pub with buddies, b) home ASAP, or c) STRIPPERS!!!?
Sadly b)

20. Which actor of any show you at least half-assedly follow is the most obvious example of phoning it in during their final season before leaving the show?
Jimmy Smits upon exiting NYPD Blue… wasn’t he in a hospital bed for a few episodes or something. His part could have been played by some rolled up blankets.

To recap:
Our section at work has found there is some fun with intercoms
Really pitiful when you think of it
We are trying to figure out a way of changing the ringtones with .wav files
‘Cause we are geeks like that
I could use a grape soda right about now
If I had a hammer…
I am hungry
And half-assing
Not listening to anyone or anything
They can’t make me
Now where is my grape soda?