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In my attempts at half-assery I have decided to look into my mailbag and answer reader questions. It turns out that I do not in fact have a mailbag, and I only in fact have one email. That should cut down the decision making time… so here we go from the old mail bag!

From: Avid Under Construction Reader
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 9:46 AM
Subject: RE: tuesday's post

#10 - funny!

Do you need a blog topic for today? Since you're half-bummin' this anyway, and you have a baby so I know you're home a lot, here's the topic: Hey, SRH, whatcha
been watching on TV lately? The good, the bad and the ugly.

So here we go, thanks, good reader, for giving me fodder for today’s post.

TV in the SRH household used to be a past-time closer to a religion than a hobby. It was mandatory to be in front of the TV to watch certain shows when they came on. Much lamenting and gnashing of teeth occurred if shows were missed and many a schedule was altered to accommodate viewing pleasure.

Those days have mostly passed. Ever since Little Man arrived, TV just has not claimed the level of prominence that it once enjoyed in the world of SRH. Honestly, there are not many shows that I tend to follow, but I will attempt to let everyone in on my TV viewing secrets.

So far there are few “must watches” on my list. I think much of this has to do with the shift in TV from stand alone shows with over-arching themes to sequential tales of suspense and requirement. Most dramatic shows these days (aside from the myriad of CSI and Law&Order franchises) seem to require you to watch every week lest one miss vital information. I have a hard time supporting that kind of viewing behavior for myself, because I know that it is a treacherous slippery slope for me to attempt to tread. Anyhoo…

Project Runway is/was a must see in my book. It is rather unfortunate that this is the final season on Bravo and that it has just completed and that the show is supposedly moving to L.A. and that it might not even exist due to litigation about its move from Bravo to Lifetime, television for women. This is one of those few shows that I will/did attempt to schedule around.

Burn Notice on USA Network is another that is eminently watchable. The show is like a modern day Magnum PI where there is a good amount of playful banter between characters, an over-arching theme and storyline, but also nice bite-sized pieces to make you feel good about yourself.
Simply Ming is the lone cooking show that I have scheduled to DVR. Unfortunately this show is a bit hit or miss due to Ming Tsai’s (the chef on the show after which the show is named) seems to need most of his food and recipes to slide past the idea of savory flavoring and into fire breathing heat. He also likes to do a bunch of foods with whole fish. Anyhoo… we found some great recipes from his shows. So far we have liked the ribs that we made and the stir fry made with his ginger syrup.

Secrets of the Dead on PBS is also a DVR show for me. Besides the dulcet tones of Live Schreiber narrating the show, it is basically CSI for archeological crime scenes and for people who are not HAWT. The show delves into an archeological site and then reconstructs the events leading up into that snapshot in time. It is very well produced and typically well paced. I do have to mention that occassionally the show focuses on something lesss archeological... that is okay, I guess...

Monsterquest on the History Channel is also a fun watch for me. I do DVR it, but as of late I have not been impressed with the subject matter. So far they have hit the big guns and are now starting to go down the food chain as far as cryptozoologicals are concerned. It was an interesting premise when looking at modern search methods for Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, but it is not that interesting when the subject matter is about big rats. I question its ability to last as an ongoing series. They are clearly starting to run out of credible subject matter.

I have just started watching that show Life on NBC. I am not sure yet if it is one that I will continue following or not. You hear that, Life? You’re on the fence… better make it a good one this week!

To recap:
We are attempting to teach Q that Wifey is not an all you can eat buffet at night
It seems to be working
I will definitely have a Work in Progress to post tomorrow for the neglected tag of Digital Thursday
Looking for a new nanny is difficult
Marinated flank steak with rice and vegetables for dinner tonight
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm steak
It is a simple marinade for simple folk
Oil, Vinegar, Rosemary, Oregano, Salt, Pepper, and Garlic
Why did I capitalize those ingredients?
It is tasty
Then tonight Wifey and I will be enjoying Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Listening to I Wanna Be a Cowboy by Boys Don’t Cry ‘cause I am 80’s like that