Is that the phone ringing?

So the trip to the ‘Bama did not occur. On Wednesday the fecal matter started to propagate towards the air circulation system, whereas on Thursday it did make contact. Wifey and Q decided it was time for them to get ill (and not in the rapper warz way either). Wifey’s amazing immune system finally succumbed to the viral agents that had infested Little Man and myself, and Q decided that she was not happy with Wifey’s influenza vaccine infused breast milk. To make a long story short, my marriage… nay, my life would have been in peril had I gone to ‘the Bam’ for Capt McAirforcepant’s nuptials. Such is the way of a papa to a wee one.

That being said, it was a good weekend, nonetheless. Wifey started to climb back from the brink of sinusitis on Saturday evening and by yesterday afternoon she was feeling human again. Q, however, has decided to make us pay for our feeble attempts at sleep. She is like that.

Anyhoo… I will be phoning it in for this week. So this week expect some half assed, weak posts (more halfier-assy and weaker, thank you very much). Next week I shall come back with guns a’blazing and quips a’flyin. Papa Bear needs to take a break before the 4th annual blogaversary special extravaganza. I might post something digital on Thursday, but that depends on if I have my October Challenge done for the Cartographer’s Guild. I should, but let’s not promise anything silly here.

To recap:
Papa Bear is tired and his brain no work so good
Curiously the above statement does not imply causality
It looks like I only have the attention span to be active in more than 2 forums
I know that surprises some of you
10 Days to the 4th Blogaversary
We got a new phone system here at work
Now we cannot prank co-workers
Stupid caller ID
We also cannot save them from conversations that they need to get out of
Stupid caller ID
I am not listening to anything today