2 Things

I decided at the last moment Thursday evening to take a bloggy break. Sure I said I woul have something for you for Digital Thursday on that Friday, but I clearly did not understand the heights of apathy that I could achieve. So instead I decided to take an impromptu week off from the blogging. Much of this impromptunity was predicated by being in Battle Creek, MI for the week and not having the best intertube connectivity at my disposal.

Could I have smurfed out a way to post daily from the dead confines of Battle Creek? Of course I could, I am resourceful and capable. Did I smurf out a way? Of course I did. Did I implement my smurfy plan? Hells no! I am also lazy well beyond my inherent cognitive abilities. Honestly my laziness knows no bounds… because to know one’s limits one must test to see the extents of those limits. Testing is inherently not lazy. Therefore all true laziness is limitless. Q.E.D.

Anyway… I have 2 Things to chat about today other than my Theory of Infinite Laziness*.

Thing the First:

Battle Creek, Michigan is a dead husk of a city. I have rarely been in a city where there really were not any people noticeable. The sidewalks were basically deserted. The city was constantly quiet. It was eerie.

Oooh I like typing “eerie”

Thing the Second:

Wifey will be heading out of town Wednesday with Q for some work she needs to get done in Rockport, MA. She will be getting back Sunday evening. It will be difficult for everyone involved. I will be soloing with Little Man and Wifey will be soloing with Q. I definitely got the better end of this stick effortwise, but it will be difficult without the womenfolk here. I will dearly miss the big toothless smile of Q and the companionship of my wife. We are trying to figure out the logistics of how she will be able to work this.

I am primarily concerned with how she is going to wrangle Q, and all of Q’s accoutrement as well as her own stuff in the airport. I think an umbrella stroller may be in order. The other concern is about sleeping. If Q has an opportunity to nurse, she will. Lately she has considered sleeping next to mama much akin to all you can eat popcorn shrimp. You can always eat one more. She nurses in her sleep for 10 seconds and sleeps quietly for 5 minutes and nurses in her sleep for a little and just plain sleeps for a little. I have had to be an interventionist in the middle of the night to keep Q from the nursey nursey. I am going to try some different techniques tonight and see if we can keep the constant nursing to a minimum.

I don’t believe anyone is looking forward to this. Little Man inquired upon hearing these plans, “But won’t I get tired of Papa by then?”

To recap:
Last week I was in Battle Creek, Michigan
I will be grilling in the snow this evening… maybe
Now it looks like I will be doing double bed-time ritual since Wifey has an evening meeting
I am not sure what will be for dinner tonight
Maybe cheap pizzas
Those are easy
Easy can be good
Cheap pizzas are not good
In the way that pizza cannot be good
Meaning “not as good as other pizza but still good cause it is pizza”
Little Man is getting his room painted this week
That aught to be nice
Did you miss me?

* patent pending