20 Questions Tuesday: 117 - Unexpected Absence

One week away from posting and all of the sudden I have to make up questions for myself. I guess unexplained absences will do that. Thanks this week go to John P, Belsum, Nadolny, and Capt McArmypants for the 16 questions that were sent in.

Onto the questions:
1. Whatever happened to the Star Wars Christmas Special? Some say it was terrible. My recollection of it is not that great I just felt there was a strange void in the Force for awhile.
Most traces of it were removed by Lucas because of the horror it induced. It was… as if millions of voices suddenly groaned out in horror and were suddenly silenced.

2. Is being wrapped up in Xbox play a good unexplained absence to a) the wife, b) work?
I would go so far as to say it is an explained absence from the wife and/or work, but not a good one.

3. What has happened to the promise of 7 minute abs? You just don’t hear about it anymore.
Turns out it took more than 7 minutes, and people aren’t willing to abide that kind of mis-representation.

4. If there is one thing (book, toy, school trip, etc.) from your childhood that went missing and you wish you could get it back what would it be?
Not that I can think of. I am at peace with most everything lost from my childhood. I think I would have liked cable TV as a kid though. I always felt so left out of the Fraggle Rock conversations.

5. Has Little Man ever lost something that turns up later in the oddest and most unexplained place? My wife once lost one of our phones which turned up in the storage under the stairs about a month later. The ringer locator needs to have a slightly higher volume in my opinion.
We find the remotes in odd places, but nothing oddly remarkable. More than anything we find his trains all over the place. I have seen one in the fridge before. Turns out the Rio Grande was too hot.

6. Can you find my sanity please? I think I need it back.
I am not the one to come to regarding lost sanity.

7. Whatever happened to DB Cooper?
He died in the mountains of southwest Washington state. Les Stroud has difficulty surviving in high mountain ranges for a week, and he is the Survivorman. How do you think Coop would do?

8. The 50s promised us more than just air cars. What about robots? And Dick Tracy watches? And circular space stations creating their own gravity? And jet packs?
Robots exist and are doing bunches of stuff. They just aren’t our assistants like we thought they would be. I think Dick Tracy watches have occurred, they just aren’t on our wrists, they are in our pockets or holsters on our belt or in our pockets. Cell Phones would be science fiction to a transplanted denizen of the 1950’s. I am sad that there is not a big old visible from space rotating space station up in the sky, but more than anything I do miss not having jet packs.

9. Why does Waldo keep hiding?
Because if I ever find him, he will suffer a fate worse than a hippo.

10. Back to my sanity, really, where is it? I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to hold on to it.
Wrong person to look for anything approaching sanity.

11. Ok, so everyone is going to ask where you were, which I think you should answer, but more importantly, make up a good lie about where you were and what monster abducted you.
I was in the steamy Brazilian forests along the mighty Amazon riverbanks. Taken there by El Chupracabra only to be handed off to the dreaded oversized vampire bats from the Ribeira Valley. I escaped by my wits alone. I had to leave my pants. No Questions! You weren't there! You don't know what it was like!

12. Second obligatory question if not answered in #1, are Q, Little Man and Wifey all
Everyone in Casa Del Ryan-Hart is doing peachy.

13. Were you missed at work or are you now worried that you weren’t missed?
A little of Column A and a little of Column B

14. Didn't they just find the bones from an adventurer millionaire guy whose plane crashed in California? Is this at all related?
They did just find what is most likely Steve Fossett’s crash and death site, but that had nothing to do with my trip to the Brazilian rain forest… or Battle Creek, Michigan.

15. Will New Orleans disappear in the next 200 years? 100 years? 50?
I think the Big Easy will slowly relocate within the next 100 years. I do not think that it will cease to exist.

16. Why is there a dearth of news about the Gigantor Bail-out/slash end of America as we know it?
What are you talking about? Everything is fixed. My gas prices have gone back down and a new administration has been elected. Problem solved. Move on. Sheesh. Everyone is sooo wanting to live in yesterday.

17. There is this puss filled thing on my dog’s leg, and I don’t know where he… wait a second, it says “Unexplained Absences.” My Bad
No problem… and ewwww.

18. Did you lose readers by being gone for a week unexpectedly?
If I lost readers I would be in negative numbers which would mean a net gain.

19. Who are you and what did you do to SRH?
I am a giant vampire bat from Brasil and I drank in his soul. It corrupted me a little and gave me some gas. To be fair though, most everything gives me gas.

20. You asked if we missed you yesterday in the recap, a better question would be “Did you miss us?” You being SRH and not us plural. Basically act as if we asked you that question not like you are reading it out loud. My goodness, did you read it out loud? That would be odd.
Ummm… I missed you (plural)?

To Recap:
Tomorrow is a wacky day, so I will most likely not post anything
I have to get Wifey and Q to the airport
I don’t want to get Wifey and Q to the airport
I have some irons in the fire that need to be tended to
I have very little energy to focus on those irons
Regardless of how burny those fires may be
Wow, am I tired
Listening to MC Frontalot’s Wallflowers from his newest release Final Boss