Fake Post

No real time to post today so I will fake post to my heart’s content. I love me some fake postin. One can not fake post enough. I should fake post more often actually.

The reason I only have time for a fake post is that I will be heading home to help Wifey prepare for here impending departure to parts unknown (Unknown = Rockport, MA). She will be taking Q with her on the flight and leaving me and Little Man behind to fend for ourselves in this dark, cold, lonely world devoid of light, love and hope.

Little Man has already complained that he will be tired of me and was disappointed when he found out I was staying and that he would not, in fact, be spending 3 days in a row again with Mimma.

I will have to fight my urge to be curt with him in the mornings because I did not get enough sleep. Luckily there are only 2 mornings that require me to motivate him into motion. So at least I got that going for me.

Oh well, I will have something digital for you for Digital Thursday.

To recap:
Pressed for time
Not listening to anything
Chat more tomorrow