3 Things

Happy New Year and that jazz. Three things have been afoot.

Thing the First:
The Wife and kids and I went down to Austin, Texas to see one of my best friends ever (Dr B Dawg) get himself married. We flew down to Texas on New Year’s Day. The wedding was beautiful and Little Man and I were both groomsmen. Little Man did great, even though he got a bit bored during the ceremony. I think he would have been a trifle less bored if he did not have to get to the site so early for pictures. We asked a bunch from a 5 year old and got a bunch back in return. He really did do great.

The wedding was a beautiful event and one of the few weddings I have ever been to without a list of people not allowed to be at the wedding. It was bizarre to not have the groom instruct the groomsmen on what to do if so-and-so shows up. (Quote from an actual pre-wedding groomsmen meeting, “If the bride’s sister shows up, please ask her politely to leave. If she reaches in her purse when you ask her to leave, take her down.”) Everything went smooth as silk at this wedding (for example the groom was not drunk, there was not a bet to see how long the marriage would last, the cake and catering made it without a hitch, the groom’s father did not storm out of the rehearsal dinner and miss the wedding, etc…) and everyone could not be happier for the bride and groom.

The happy couple is honeymooning in Belize and Guatemala. When they get back and have wedding pics, I will post shots of Little Man and I all dressed up like grown ups.

Thing the Second:
When the wedding trip was over and done with Little Man and I went to the airport and headed home whilst Wifey and Q went to San Jose, California for Wifey to get some work done. It is an odd feeling going different direction than half the family in an airport. I don’t like it overmuch.

Wifey and Q were in California for 4.5 days and did not get home until late Friday night/early Saturday morning. There was much rejoicing.

Thing the Third:
It was really nice not having to think about posting anything for a time. In fact, it was very difficult to come back to posting today. What exactly does that mean? I am not quite sure, I just know it was nice to get away for a bit.

To recap:
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be a departure from the norm
For tomorrow’s questions I shall interview someone
The shoe is on the other foot
The circle is now complete
When last we met, I was but the learner;
Now, I am the master
Pulled pork sammiches for dinner tonight
Roasted sunflower seeds a much better than non-roasted
I hate it when people don’t think it through for their problem solving methodologies
I also hate it when people cut me off while driving
There are many things I hate
I am not listening to anything at the moment
I probably should be, but I am not