Digital Thursday

Well, it has been a while since I posted anything for a Digital Thursday. That is how it is sometimes. I am attempting to focus a bit more on my graphic design and art stuff whilst unemployed, so hopefully this weekly occurrence will occur weakly weekly.

Wifey asked me to illustrate some of the information that was recently gleaned by one of the groups to which she belongs. The idea is that the information that they have learned so far for this particular project has created their purpose and that the purpose is wrapped in some questions. I added the bees because I liked the idea that there are certain aspects of their jobs that "cross-pollinate" from project to project. That is why I added the bees.

Anyhoo... Here is my attempt at the harvest of the information of a meeting I did not have the opportunity to attend.
Click to embiggen

All total this was about 7 hours of work. If I knew exactly how I was going to treat the words right from the begiining, it would have been right around 5 hours. There are parts of this that I really love and there are parts that don't work that great. I am not going to spend much more time on it because Wifey needs to get it to the people who attended the meeting. If I had another 5 hours of un-interupted time I could really dial into it and tighten up the pieces that I feel are weak. Then it would be worthy of a fridge door, fo sho!

To recap:
I have sent out veritable digital boatloads of resumes
So far I haven't gotten anything back
That is my update for the job sitch
I am about to go out for a work out
Because I can
And really because I should
Listening to Fire Starter by the Prodigy
Have a great weekend, everyone