3 Things:

The funny thing about Mondays when you are un-employed is that they are eerily similar to Sundays just with better daytime TV.

Thing the First: I love my wife dearly. One of the main reasons that I love her is that we have never (let me repeat for emphasis) NEVER (and once with color) NEVER celebrated Valentine's Day. You read that right, boys. I gots a woman, who happens to be HAWT that doesn't give a rats ass about Valentine's Day. In fact, she detests the "holiday." I am a lucky lucky man.

Thing the Second:
One of the reasons we don't care about Valentine's Day, is that we got engaged on Feb 7th. Therefore the 14th means diddley-squat. We got engaged 13 years ago this past Saturday. We decided that we did not want to be cliche and get engaged on Valentine's Day. That seems too predictable... too blah. Therefore I popped the question the week before.

Thing the Third: The cupboards are bare. We needed to go grocery shopping yesterday, but that was just not in the cards. Maybe tonight we will get some groceries.

To recap:
Resumes are out
I have not gotten any nibbles on them
It is a good resume
I gots skilz
A 20 Questions Tuesday interview is set up for tomorrow
So far we are on question 13
We need to bang out the last 7 and call it done