20 Questions Tuesday: 130 - Traveling

Well, last week Wifey, Q and I went to Sundance, Utah for 4.5 days-ish. Sure we were really only able to see where we were for three days, but technically “boots were on the ground” for 5 days, but I do not live in a world of technicalities. Unfortunately, leading up to this trip to Sundance required more effort than previously thought and I was not able to get this 20 Questions Tuesday to you last week. C’est la vie.

Thanks this (and last) week go to Dr Clean, ACW, Atmikha, John P, All Rileyed Up, and Capt McArmypants.

On to the questions:
1. Is there an airline out there that still has customer service?
I have not really had too much problem with airline customer service as of late. My issue is not with the people on the ground dealing with individuals… uh… individually, but with the policy makers with whom customers never get to interface.

2. What is the most embarrassing thing you have forgotten to pack?
Toothbrush and toothpaste

3. What is the packing philosophy of both you and Wifey...just enough, enough for a round the world cruise, or does this still smell ok?
We are somewhere in between the 2. We tend to take just a bit more than we need for the “just in case” situations, but sometimes the utility stuff gets a bit gamey.

4. So Little Man is all "crazy train", what does he think of airplanes?
He likes then pretty well, but not as much as the diesel electric locomotives

5. Do you have passports? Little Man? Q?
Wifey and I have current and up-to-date passports, but the kids do not… yet. There is a tentatively planned trip to Cananada this summer that may require them to have passports, so that may be remedied soon.

6. When was the last time you traveled for purely recreational purposes?
It has been a few years, I think.

7. Harder with 2 kids or does Little Man pull his own weight (get it? - pull his own luggage - I slay me - or not...)?
Little Man does his share, but that does not mean that traveling with 2 is easier since he does some work.

8. Any favorite traveling games?
None that I can think of.

9. What do you enjoy most about air travel?
Since I am a cartographer by trade, looking out the window is massively important and fun.

10. Is there anything special you will try to do or see while Wifey is at work?
Just hiking in the mountains was enough.

11. Is there a regional culinary specialty you are looking forward to sampling while visiting Utah? -- I remember that some kind of fruit pie was heavily featured on almost every menu when I was last there.
There is no regional culinary specialty that I am aware of concerning the state of Utah.

12. Do you travel well or are you somewhat distressed by the whole endeavor?
I am a solid middle for those choices. I am typically distressed until the travel actually starts, then I mellow a bit until shit hits the fan.

13. Blues Traveler or the Traveling Wilburys?
I am more of a Blues Traveler.

14. Is the NBA lax in calling traveling penalties? I don't watch the game but wanted your opinion.
The NBA is lax about calling most penalties, but traveling is hardly ever called. I think when it is the looks on the infracting players’ faces are priceless.

15. What is/do you imagine to be the most fun about flying first class
The roominess and reclinability of the seats.

16. Ever been to Utah before

17. Why don't missionaries try to spread the word on airplanes - seems they have a captive audience who can't go anywhere
I think most missionaries are very aware of the precipitous drop if they are asked to leave.

18. If you could have any job associated with airplanes and airports, what job would that be?
I think pilot

19. Will Bullet trains ever go anywhere in this country? (Yeh, I almost counted it as 2 questions.)
They go from Washington DC to Boston, MA multiple times a day.

20. After a 3 - 4 day trip, do you need a day after you get back of down time to get back into the swing of things? And how do you feel this ranks on the HOW DID I GET SO OLD!!! scale. Like worse than leaving the TV on the weather channel all day or better than start 6 of 10 sentences with back in my day?
I would appreciate a day, but at the moment it is not completely necessary… Don’t get me wrong, a day of downtime is extremely helpful, just not absolutely necessary. I think if “back, kids actually listen to this shit?” is a 1, and “where’s my shawl” is a 5, and “if that ball comes over here once more I’m gonna keep it” is a 10: a day of recoup is probably a 3.

And one to grow on:

21. What % of the "improvements" to air line security actually make you safer compared providing nominal to placebo effect?
I think about the only thing that makes me feel safer is the increased security presence and the relative fitness and vigor of the TSA workers compared to the screeners of, say, 1988. The shoes, the liquids, the sharp objects… all crap with no effect on safety whatsoever.

To recap:
Both kids are down right now with fever
Wifey’s mom is down as well
It is just me and Wifey and me clinging on to our health like wounded tigers…
Wait a second, that doesn’t sound right
Still on the fence about reading “The Battle for God” or reading “Presence”
I re-read about 15 pages of “Battle for God” last night
Tonight I am going to try for some pages of “Presence”
Capt McArmypants thinks I should go with “Presence” because “Battle for God” would be too depressing
Any other opinions out there?
Listening to King of Pain by Alanis Morissette from her MTV Unplugged special