3 Things:

Three things to get on to since I haven’t posted in a while…

Thing the First:
So, last week I was in the majestic mountains of Utah for Wifey’s work. She had some kind of board meeting to go to and I was Q’s childcare for the duration. Ah, bonding with your kid in the mountains of Utah… beautiful. The board meeting was taking place in the organization’s founder’s house in Sundance (the very same Sundance that is know for Bobby Redford and his film festival). So for 4 days we lived in a cabin in Sundance, Utah. It is nice to see how the other half live sometimes.

The time in Utah was great. I got to hang out with one of the few people from high school with whom I actively wanted to get back in contact, and to my knowledge, I am the only person from high school not related to him to see him in his new environment.

We forgot the camera, so no pictures of majestic snow-covered peaks or immaculate “cabins” with panoramic mountain views. Oh, well… I will always have the memories.

Thing the Second:
The trip back was a bear. We got into Chicago O’Hare at 12 for our 12:55 connecting flight to Columbus when everything went to hell. The 12:55 flight to Columbus was cancelled, the 2:40 flight was cancelled as well, the 4:00 flight did not leave until 6:45 and it left with Wifey and Q while I waited on standby. The 7:00 did not board until 7:30 and even on standby I was able to make that one. It did not leave the gate until 7:55 because they could not find a passenger. It was a loooong time to be in an airport with a 9 month old.

Thing the Third:
It is good to be home. We missed Little Man something fierce. He is such a wonderful little boy. It seems like he matured at least 15 years worth while we were gone. I am not sure that we can do a trip like that again without making sure that he is a part of it. I know that he is going to the work that Wifey has slated in March and in April.

To recap:
Q is sick today
She has a pretty nasty fever and is just a bit on the unhappy side
I would be a bit on the unhappy side as well if I were sick
I might actually be getting some freelance fantasy mapping work
That would be awesome
I almost feel like I could give freelancing a go
I am not sure that both Wifey and I being self-employed is the most strategic thing to do for the fam
Reading… I am torn right now between The Battle for God by Karen Armstrong and Presence by Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski, and Flowers
Any thoughts on which of the two to tackle?
Listening to S.O.S by Earl Greyhound