The job hunt process has drug on like too small an anchor through delta sludge. While I do not feel completely stationary, there is not much movement to speak of as well. Every once and a while there feels like there is movement, but it is illusory and minimal if present. This is a bad economy to be looking for a job. It is an especially bad economy when you are looking for a career change.

These have been trying times for me and my waning motivation. I am not sure what it is that I would like to do, and that makes it difficult to come up with a plan of attack. It is difficult to accomplish a non-existent goal. Not that I haven’t done that before.

The point is, I started a practice of posting 4 days a week a while ago and I let that slip due to my lack of regimen. That is about to change. Get ready, people of the Internets, I have eaten my fiber and am now ready to be posting much more regularly.

To recap:
Ironic thing I have recently heard: You see, they do it much better because they do it scientistically
Wifey had some work in San Jose recently
Little Man, Q, and I went to meet her there
Q and Little Man were both ill on the flights back home
So for the 3 folks in row 26, I am sorry for your vomiting today
Not really, you were a bunch of ungracious asshats
Now you are a bunch of ungracious vomitous asshats
Listening to Q babble
She is just this side of saying “Mama”
Guess who is over the moon about that
20QTues is tomorrow