For those of you...

There are a few of you out there reading this here blog... I could probably stop there with the sentence and be accurate, but that is not the point of this post.

There are a few of you out there reading this here blog that will understand what I am about to write about. The rest of you out there will probably kind of "get it."

When you are attempting to work from home, and you have 2 kids at home... with you. The only work you get done is the laborious work aptly labeled as "parenting." (I almost typed "Patti LaBelled" but that is something entirely different, maybe we should consider it a new attitude.)

Anywho... Both Wifey and I have been attempting to get stuff done today while navigating the endless requests for lemonade and the more usual "eeeeeeeeeeengh" that is accompanied by a 1 year olds finger and unhappy stare. So I had work that needed to get out today and that did not happen. Why would you think that I would post?

Seriously, you people amaze me with your neediness.

To recap:
It is almost 9:30 and I am just now getting dinner
A healthy dinner of brats and brocolli, mind you
There is so much for me to do tonight
Some of it is looking for job related
Some is personal, so stop hounding me
Some is just sit that has to get done
All of it takes time
Listening to the blessed silence that is not kids asking for things