20 Questions Tuesday: 147 - Fall/Autumn 2

Here we are again. It being 20 Questions Tuesday again and lo and behold, I find the energy to post something. I love me some 20 Questions Tuesdays. This week is the second and final installment of the Autumn/Fall questions.

Thanks this week go to John P, Sparky, AllRileyedUp, and Some Other Guy. Here we go:

1. Do you have a local farmers market with good produce during this harvest season (you know this used to be the time the pig was slaughtered and the bacon was cured)?
There are some fairly good local producers around here. By local I do mean within 1 to 2 hours. The favorite has to be OMC Farms.

2. Any special treats you look forward to this time of year (getting the kids' Halloween candy doesn't count)?
Pumpkin Pie. Luckily we have a place called “Just Pies”around here that make devastatingly good pies.

3. Have you now faithfully put away the white clothing so as no to offend now that we are past Labor Day?
My whites have all turned closer to a light ecru from my summer usage. I shall never put them away!

4. You know the sun is dying and the days are getting shorter, how will we cope?
Wow, you really buried the lead in these questions? The Sun is dying? Well, that is a fine how do you do.

5. What do you like most about the autumn?
The silent “n” like in Damn!

6. Best baking fruit for fall – pumpkin or apple?
Pumpkin for sheer taste, but apple for variety.

7. Why am I always hungrier as the weather turns cooler?
Culturally people of temperate latitudinal descent tend to pack in the food in the fall because, historically the pickings were really slim in the winter months, and the extra weight put on in the Fall was reserves for when the lean winter’s hit. Now we just get tubby.

8. Fall = bonfires. Your marshmallows – burnt char-black and gooey inside or just lightly toasted to a golden brown?
GBD = Golden Brown and Delicious

9. Any must-see-TV for you on the new Fall viewing schedule?
Nothing is coming to mind. I know that everything starts up, pretty much tomorrow night, but that is all I know.

10. Will you watch an OSU football game?
I will catch some plays here and there, but I don’t have it in me to sit down for 18 hours and watch a game where OSU plays East Podunk Technical State University. I mean, Toledo at a NEUTRAL stadium? WTF?

11. On the subject of fall, I fell down at school today from dehydration. How soon will my students forget?
Their life expectancy is into the 80’s, yes? My bet is about 75 years.

12. Autumn means absolutely nothing to people who grew up in the south. Where can I get me some changing colors of the leaves?
Autumn means new fall TV schedule and Football season. I forgot you grew up Sunbelt, not SEC. How sad for you.

13. Why do people bother with "fall" when "autumn" is such a prettier word?
Fall is only 3 different characters and 4 letters total. Autumn is 4 characters with a whopping total of 6 letters. You ask this when people abbreviate June to Jun?

14. I once knew a guy named Autumn. How much do you think he got made fun of during the high school years?
I imagine that went waaaaay past the High School Years.

15. Why would a parent DO that to their son?
Parents are so wrapped up in their own delusions that they don’t seem to see what they are doing to their kids. ALL PARENTS, even this parent.

16. Is it officially fall now?
Yes. Don’t you see the death and dying all around us?

17. So, what exactly does that mean?
Our orbit around the sun has passed the Autumnal Equinox, where the sun is orthogonal to the Equator, (Yes, I busted out Orthogonal!) but has not gotten to the Winter/Northern Solstice, where the Earth’s axis is at its maximal angle away from the sun.

18. Have you fallen?
That is a loaded question. Let’s just say I am chock full of potential energy.

19. Harvest Festival or Halloween?
I would say both. Because harvest festivals make me think of baked good and apple cider, while Halloween makes me think of individually wrapped chocolate treats and caramel, sweet sweet caramel.

20. Slip and….

To recap:
Still looking for a job
I am thinking about revamping this blog to just be 20 Questions Tuesday
That is all I mainly post anyway
I can always do additional posts if the mood strikes me, but I won’t have to
Any thoughts?
Listening to Dropping Out Of School by Brad Sucks
He doesn’t suck, by the way