20 Questions Tuesday: 148 - Wind

Here it is late Tuesday and Q is still not asleep. If there were a way to make the blog say “grrr” without it being a poorly rendered emoticon, I would.

It is September 29th and I am turning over a new leaf for this here blogarooney. There will be some changes coming in the near future, but the main thing is that I am only making my personal commitment to posting once a week. I will be continuing on with the 20 Questions Tuesday theme because that is the part of blogging that I have enjoyed the most. That is not to say that there will not be an occasional post here or there other than a 20 Questions Tuesday post, but, seeing as how that is the only effort I am willing to commit to, you, my dear fine readers.

Anyhoo... enough about the pending content change. This week has been a blustery week in Central Ohio. There have been some wind advisories and I think I saw Mary Poppins break the sound barrier. So, this week’s topic is “Wind.”

Thanks this week go to: ACW, Popo, Capt McArmypants, Belsum, and Wifey. On to the Questions!

1. Why is it called ‘breaking wind’ when clearly a wind is being created?
Because there is a sacred seal that is broken to let the wind escape.

2. Do you enjoy the howl of the wind past your window while sleeping?
I do really enjoy that. Probably more than I should (unless, of course, you are referring to the wind in the previous question. Then the answer is “Um... No.” With as much sarcastic emphasis as I can muster.)

3. The wind blows but you wind an old school clock – why the differences in pronunciation?
It is due to the cultural hodgepodge that generated the English language. English is an amalgam of Germanic/Nordic languages and Romance languages (specifically French). Since these 2 very different language styles have come together there are echoes from the past of pronunciation from both language systems.

4. What causes wind?
Entropy and enthalpy

5. Do you like the wind?
I do indeed.

6. Is wind power a viable alternative power source?
Not yet, but I think it has some of the strongest potential.... potential energy... he he!

7. How windy is it on Mars?
Very, why do you ask?

8. How will explain the concept of wind to the little ones?
I will say, “God farted.” Then I will have to explain God. That is when parenting will get dicy.

9. 1. So the rain is Tess, the fire is Joe and they call the wind Mariah? uh... why? and feel free to expound upon the other 2 I never got them either?
McArmypants, Doesn’t the US Military have a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy? Shouldn’t you be a bit less... um... telling in you question material?

10. So kite flying? Is that like the precursor to pong? or just a way to ruin someone's sun bathing/picnic and still be able to claim it was an accident?
It is neither, but I like the direction you are going with you usage of kite flying.

11. Ever got wind burn?
Once. As a kid in, whilst visiting Colorado, my face got a little chapped by the howling mountain winds.

12. So how comes when I do the "Luke I am your Father" into a fan it sounds all cool and stuff, but when I do the same thing in a heavy wind it does nothing? What am I doing wrong!?!?!?
The fan sonically modifies your voice by bouncing some of the sound waves off of the rotating fan blades. Wind is just moving fluid gas molecules.

13. Do you ever find a nice chilly motivating any more, or just cold? I find more and more often they are just cold?
“Brisk” is a term being used less and less in the SRH Household.

14. The Association’s “Windy” is clearly the definitive song involving wind. Any other good ones?
Dust in the Wind

15. Does the euphemism “gives me the winds” crack you up as much as it does me?
Only if done with a Monty Python accent.

16. Have you ever ridden the Zephyr?

17. I once composed an extemporaneous ode to the wind as I was on a solo walk along a marshland path. Is that weird?
That is a bit odd, but I would not call it full-on weird.

18. “Riding against the wind” or “riding uphill?”
“Pissing in the wind” and “Uphill Battle.”

19. Favorite woodwind instrument?

20. Chicago, truly THE “Windy City,” or merely just A “Windy City?”
I have to go with “A Windy City.” I know there might be some Chicagoans/Chicagites/Chicagonauts that will disagree with that statement, but I hear tales of wind in other parts.

To recap:
What a load of unnecessary expectations off of my back
Still jobless in Columbus
Bean soup seems to give babies gas
Go figure
I am oddly hungry right now
Mid Ohio Comic Con is this weekend
I might try and get there on Saturday for an hour or so
Listening to Wifey rock Q
In the “rocking chair” definition of “rock” not the \m/ definition