posting out of obligation

Ah, the obligatory post. You know what the obligatory post means? It means that it is Wednesday. I am thinking about boycotting the entire idea of posting on Wednesdays because I am constantly baffled for posting ideas on Wednesdays.

One would think that there are some over-riding themes going on in the SRH noggin at the moment. Well, that is true, but I do not want to bore you fine readers with the sordid details of my seedy job search. Really it is quite boring. Every morning I check the updated job listings on a myriad of sites and then apply to some and feel disdain for most others. It is a thrilling experience. Oh, if you could only be me... you lose sleep at night, don't you?

Anywho... I have some stuff I am working on for Wifey. It will be tomorrow's Digital Thursday.

To Recap:
Wednesdays are kinda boring
Maybe there is something good on TV
Ooooh Life is starting back up
Check you fools later