Four things

There were a couple of things said this weekend by Little Man that bear repeating.

Thing the first: Albeit a day later than he said it to his mama, Little Man without prompting or any sort of stimulus (that I know of) said, and I quote, “I wubove you, Papa.” Which I believe translates into “I love you.” This really can make one’s day, week, year, World Cup qualifying cycle, decade, lifetime. To see my wonderful little 3 year old earnestly say from the bottom of his heart that he loves me is simply earth shattering. My world changed in that instant.

Thing the second: Saturday evening due to my own not feeling well and Wifey’s desire not to cook we went to a local restaurant for dinner. Pig Iron BBQ is a local favorite of the fam. They have a pretty good BBQ sauce. Their pulled pork and beef brisket are good, their ribs are tasty, but a great reason to go there is the fact that they serve the Old Bag of Nails’s fish’n’chips. For my British readers out there, this is the best fish’n’ships I have had since that place in Manchester a little ways off from the University of Manchester dorms (way back when I was 12 or so I went to the Bobby Charlton Soccer and Sports Academy for a week long camp. I was quite the little defender when I was young.) Anyway, there was this little place just off campus (if I remember correctly it was at the University of Manchester so long ago, but I honestly don’t remember because at the time I did not care) that was a hole in the wall fish’n’chips place that still wrapped the deep fried goodness in newspaper and sold soft drinks in glass liter bottles. It was amazing, but I digress. So, Saturday we take Little Man to get a pulled pork sandwich. He politely ate a bite of the sandwich and then proceeded to impolitely mow down a basket of onion rings.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon when he got the left over pulled pork sandwich from the fridge. After I heat up the cold sandwich, he brings it out to the living room, where sandwiches should be eaten. He looks at the plate and states, “Sandwich: soooooooooo cuuuute.” Yes, the sandwich, as far as pulled pork BBQ sandwiches go, is rather cute.

Thing the third: Little Man seems to have another personality that he reverts to occasionally. It is pure harmless play, so Wifey and I are not really all that concerned. He has given up the personality of the puppy (puppies being too obedient, I guess) and has taken on the personality of “Fluffy” the kitty cat. Once while Fluffy was having me scritch his head, Fluffy gave me a more detailed picture of this persona by stating rather emphatically, “Fluffy, a big fat yellow kitty cat.” Great, now my kid has weight issues as an imaginary cat.

Things the fourth: This weekend, Mimma got Little Man a wonderful wooden train toy. It is made by Whittle Wooden Trains. This company tries to produce trains and train cars that will fit on the same size track as the wooden Thomas the Tank Engine toys, but their trains and cars resemble those of the actual real world. Anyway, Mimma got Little Man a brand spanking new CSX Diesel Engine, and it and Little Man have been inseparable since.

Sunday afternoon, I overhear the youngster secretly wisper whilst he is playing at the train table, “I wubove you, CNX Engine.” 2 things to remark about this turn of events. Number 1: I don’t know why he will not call it a “CSX” instead of a “CNX,” but no amount of correction will make him change what he calls it. Number 2: My world changed again in that instant. He loves me, he loves a toy train, he loves the TV, he loves this, he loves that... etc. I do not feel so special anymore.

To recap:
I am still a bit under the weather
But I am feeling much better
I think I am going to skip the workout and just concentrate on feeling better
Not sure what is for dinner tonight
My entire under 12 team went to England for the soccer camp
We played 4 exhibition matches against 4 different equivalently aged British teams
They kicked our asses
Every game
It is okay because we didn’t expect anything different
We had some snow flakes this morning
Little Man “wuboves” banana muffins too