The First Person

One of the statements on Little Man’s speech evaluation administered on Tuesday of last week was “Doesn’t refer to himself or others using pronouns.” Or something very similar to that, I don’t remember the wording exactly. Anyway the gist of that particular critique of Little Man’s speaking ability is that he always refers to himself by his name, much like Bob Dole. First person is unheard of in Little Man’s world… until this weekend.

So, after not using “I” statements around the evaluator of his speechificationabilities Little Man comes up with this over the weekend:

But I want to kick Papa’s belly now-wuh!

What the Hell?!?!? There are so many things that are wrong with that I have trouble knowing where to start.
Okay I am going to give it a go - here are the problems with this statement:

  • It is in first person. Other than the now infamous I said, “No TV!” Little Man really has not employed the first person pronoun as much as what we hear the typical 3 year old does.
  • It involves bodily harm to Papa, albeit in a place that has much padding.
  • It was whiny. When the heck did my little guy get all whiney!
To recap:
My little boy has entered the whiney 3’s
But I want chicky fingers right now-wuh…
Yeah, people in Hell want ice-water, kid
I had to do some of that managerial crap today that really sucks
Houston Dynamo won, Fulham tied, Bolton tied, and Reading won
All in all a nice weekend of Footie
Back to work for me
20 Questions Tuesday, the SRH edition tomorrow