No Nap Make Papa go *mumble mumble mumble

Grandma D and Grandpa R are great grandparents to the boy. They love the dickens out of him and really shower him with praise and adoration. The problem is that due to their health they are becoming less and less reliable as primary childcare providers. The way Wifey and I figure it, when Little Man was an infant, a baby, and a toddler he helped Grandma D and Grandpa R (both in late 60’s and D who has Lupus while R has some yet to be diagnosed auto-immune issues) by re-invigorating them. When Little Man transitioned from toddler to Little Boy (not that long ago) the re-invigoration seemed to deteriorate into wearing them down. They just cannot keep up with the active 3.45 yr old. So this erosion of their energy coupled with their auto-immune respective deficiencies and their typically worst season (Winter) has made Wifey and I come to the decision of finding another permanent childcare set-up. We don’t know what that situation will eventually look like, but the one we have set-up currently just is not working. So, until we get a more permanent childcare situation determined, I will be home on Wednesdays. This is both good and bad.

The Good:

  • I get a day with Little Man in the middle of the week to recharge my “reason for working” batteries.
  • I get to lounge around with the boy and stay in my sleeping clothes until well after noon.
  • I get to bond with Little Man more
  • I saves us from having to ask friends to watch the little bugger in the interim for a full day (we only need them to cover Tuesday and Thursday afternoons)

The Bad:

  • It seems his nap is a thing of the past. He is now “just resting” (his words not mine). He is tired and should nap, but has decide that he won’t fall asleep and is therefore “just resting.” Occasionally we can con him into actually falling asleep by getting him to “just rest” his eyelids, because, you know, they are tired and need rest too, but for the most part is seems the nap is a part of history now.
  • It seems my nap on Papa Days is now a thing of the past as well. I dig naps, and it just ain’t happening. That makes me sad, a little tired and bit cranky. Much like a toddler without a nap.
  • I require **adult conversation (not that kind people, get your collective heads out of the gutter) throughout the day to stay moderately sane
  • Little Man is not so good at the adult conversation

To recap:
I will have to evaluate whether or not I should change my posting schedule to Monday Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Any thoughts on that?
This whole childcare conundrum is a rough one
But it is a problem that has to be solved…
And soon
Anyone know of independent childcare providers in the Clintonville area looking for a Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon childcare gig
Oh, yes, for a child with severe food allergies, animal allergies, and some pretty bad asthma?
Are those crickets I hear in the background?

*translates directly as "Bat-shit crazy"
**okay "Geeky Conversation"