Some of you don’t know this, but some of you clearly do. I will call those that do, oh, shall we say, “parents?” Yes, I will call them “parents.” One cannot force a 3.45 year old to eat quickly. This is an issue when you have to pick him up from pre-school, get him fed, and get him to his afternoon childcare and you need to be back at work because of some crazy deadlines you did necessarily agree to. Little Man will eat his orange rice at his own pace thank you very much. If that pace happens to coincide with the ending of a Blue’s Clues episode, that is mere happenstance. It is not some master scheme devised by a not yet 4 year old Machiavelli to keep you from getting back to work and completing your insane tasks. No sir-ee Bob. Not a scheme at all. Definitely not schemish. Low value on the schemometer. Utterly lacking in schemoscity. Could not be studied by a schemologisty. Well, might be studiable by a schemologist if the schemologist is doing a case study on something anti-schemic. .

Again, some of you don’t know this other truism, but some of you clearly do. Probably the same set of folks. Anyways… sometimes it is easier to cave in than stand up. “Choosing one’s battles” is a label for it, but more than anything it feels like caving. Yes, Wifey, I caved! You weren’t there! You don’t know!!! It was a warzone man! People were leaving left and right of us! We were just sitting in the car... I thought orange rice would assuage the beast in the seat, but it didn’t! It couldn’t. The beast beat me. Beat me, I say! BEAT MEEEEEEEE. To make a long story short, Little Man got a Sprite from McDonald’s on the way home. It was the only way… THE ONLY WAY!

To recap:
I still have a shit ton of stuff to do today
I do not have a shit-ton of time left to do it
World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade Expansion is really nice
I gotta get in stupid early tomorrow
Wifey has apparently discovered
Thanks a bunch JW!!!
She loves it
I can’t access it from work; therefore, I hate her
Little Man is at a friend’s house today
Let’s hope he naps, and we’re all still friends after they have him alone for 5 hours
Have a great weekend