conspiracy of flab

It seems that things are not aligning properly for me to get into a routine for exercise. Between various family illnesses, scheduling conflicts, weather issues, apathy, and a general lack of motivation, the gym just has not been in my weekly routine. Here is how it is supposed to work. Monday and Wednesday evenings, I am supposed to go work out after work. I am supposed to get at least 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and then do some lifting. These in week workouts are supposed to be capped off with my exercising on Saturday morning.

That has not happened since the second week in December. Since that fateful week I have averaged about 2 exercise sessions every 3 weeks. Sure that sounds bad, but what sounds worse is that I have only gone to the gym 6 times in the last 8 weeks. Not really a stellar record for someone who (at least marginally) wants to be remotely healthy.

There have been some legitimate reasons for not exercising. Firstly, the sinus infection is definitely one of them. I have been recovering from the infection for the past week and a half, and suffering from it for 2 weeks before that.

Secondly, Wifey’s gallbladder issue is another reason that the elliptical has not be moving because of me. Sure it is not really my illness to claim, but when one’s partner is in the throws of gall bladder induced pain, one does not foist the kid on her and go lift some weights. I know it hurts to move, babe, and it is hard for you to interact with Little Man, but I just gots to gets my butt in shape. Just suck it up and parent the little bugger on your own for a while. Sheesh! Yeah, I wouldn’t be here today if that was uttered or even thought. (She can tell when I am thinking things…. It is very eerie.)

Thirdly, Little Man’s breathing being compromised does not help. I do not really feel much like an attentive parent if I choose to exercise instead of getting the “we’re-going-to-thehospital-at-any-moment-bag ready. For those who are interested, the bag consists of a portable DVD player, a smorgasbord of DVD’s, Little Man snacks, changes of clothes, etc…

Tonight, I was going to get myself all sweaty and start the process of getting sore, but Wifey and I have committed to make sandwiches for Little Man’s pre-school fund-raiser. No exercising there. This list of reasons doesn’t even touch my general apathy for working out. I hate it. HATE. IT. I really cannot stand it. It truly is my own private hell. I only do it so my health will be better. It is the equivalent of taking really nasty tasting medicine for 45 minutes. I try as hard as I can not to interact with anyone there because I loathe being there so much. There is a good chance that my response to anyone there would be a snarl and possibly a bite.

I hate the in-shape people there because they are in shape and clearly enjoying there exercise routine. I hate the out-of-shape people there because they are in my way. I hate the perky people who work there because they clearly don’t understand how horrid the place they work in is. All in all, exercising is not my favorite thing.

Update on the breathing: Little Man is doing better, but nearly where we would like his breathing to be by the end of a full course of Orapred. Really, he should be doing fine by now, but that just is not the case. He is doing okay. Not doing “great,” just “okay.” Whatever was causing so much breathing issues seems to be on the retreat. It has not left the field of battle, as of yet, but it seems to be withdrawing. Wifey and I definitely think it is due to the anti-biotic, but we would like it to be getting better faster, Damnit!

To recap:
I forgot my lunch today
I am hungry
I will scrounge up something for lunch
A late lunch mind you
But a lunch none-the-less
Wifey is getting a surgical consult on the bladder of gall, at the moment
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions will be about Valentine’s Day
Hopefully I will be in a better mood then