Go away, and don't come 'round here no more

It was a lark, I tell you, a lark. I never thought that it would end up how it did. It was good clean fun, just plain silliness really. I remember it as if it were yesterday… Okay, it was really only 2 weeks ago, but, wow, what a two weeks.

I had just picked up Little Man from G-ma D and G-pa R. He was getting settled into his car seat and getting ready for the journey home. Part of this ritual (other than me strapping into his five point harness of doom) is for Little Man to choose his music for the trip home. Well, this specific afternoon/early evening he chose the Bear in the Big Blue House CD. Not my favorite choice, but definitely not the worse thing he has made me endure. Anyway, to put Bear in, I had to take out the CD I had guiltily been listening to.

What that?
Oh, this is just the CD I was listening to when I was on my way here.
First Bear, then that.
Let me get this straight, since your use of articles, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs is somewhat suspect. You want to listen to this CD after the theme song from Bear is over.

So, oddly enough, the theme song ends with the line, “So let’s begin.” The irony is not lost on me. No siree, it is not lost on me at all. Anyway… after Bear shuts his proverbial “yap” Little Man pipes up asking for “other CD.” Here we go, the mistake has been made, I slowly put the CD in and traveling as I know it changed forever at that point.

A little backstory: This “other” CD is the greatest hits from a band whose cassette was the first I ever purchased with my own money. This cassette was the cassette I wore out while reading countless comic books. This band is the band I listened to when I was reading my first real books. This band helped me through many a slow chapter of required novels with thick language and slower pacing for my English classes in middle school, junior high, and high school. There is a huge nostalgia reason for me to listen to this CD. Okay, back to the story.

The first drum beats and first notes from the saxophone hit and Little Man get a light in his eye that I have never seen before. The chorus plays, because most of the song is the chorus and he is repeating the lyrics as best he can. He is enthralled. He is absolutely loving this song. It is like coming home for him. He is wrapping himself in this song like it is a warm blanket. The song ends with plaintive lyrical hook that appears though out the song , and all I hear from Little Man is “Again! Again!”

Now whenever he gets in my car, and sometime before we get to my car he is asking for Who Can It Be Now by Men at Work. He is not soo keen on Down Under or It’s a Mistake and rarely listens to Be Good Johnny, but he goes nuts for Who Can it be Now.

To recap:
We painted the bed room this weekend
Now we need to move furniture back in
Next month I am trying out Diesel and Dust or Blue Sky Mining with Little Man
I would love to hear him singing Dreamworld
Then I will buy him a skinny tie and some parachute pants
Not sure what the 20 Questions topic will be for tomorrow yet, I will figure on out though
Before tomorrow
Probably immediately after I post this, um… post
I am real good with words