Just a recap

Straight to the recap today

To recap:
Penguins make me laugh
But not penguins with forced Jamaican accents
It is because they waddle
Waddle is a fun word to say
Waddle Waddle Waddle Waddle Waddle Waddle Waddle
It is actually kind of fun to type
Yes, I typed it out all 7 times
Waffle is similar, yet not as fun to say
I define “type” in the above sentence as “ctrl + v”
It gets me through the night
To get through the knight, you need a lance
Sure there are other piercing weapons of the Middle Ages, but a lance would do
Or maybe a pike
Yes, a pike Okay, a different pike Not that pike either There’re the pikes I’m talking about
Pointy sticks
Skewers Skewers Skewers Skewers Skewers Skewers Skewers
Another fun word
Oddly “sewers” isn’t as fun
Can’t tell if it is the connotation, denotation, or extension
Probably the connotation
We had our first day in 4 weeks of only 2 rescue breathing treatments yesterday
There was much rejoicing
Much rejoicing indeed
Lunch was unsatisfying
I am hungry already, and it has only been 90 minutes since I ate
Looks like there are some chips in my future
Mmmm chips
I couldn’t come up with a topic today
Especially since I already wasted my Vampire Bear post
Little Man had a play date with Benny this weekend
I swear those 2 kids are hopped up on goofballs when they are together
We have to slow Little Man down to make sure that he is able to breath
We are 2 steps closer to complete potty training
If we knew how much further it was to complete potty training that might actually mean something
I have to work out tonight
Have to, for maintenance purposes
I am not looking forward to that
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be about exercising