Today while going from the car to G-ma D's and G-pa R's Little Man learned himself a lesson. As I was getting him out of the car and putting his Little Man feet on the ground, I remarked, "Be careful, Little Man, it is slippery."

To which he responded with infinite incredulity, "It not slippery."

I retorted thusly, "Yes, it is you need to be careful, so hold my hand."

Again , I was met with belligerent skepticism laced with thinly veiled contempt, "No, it not slippery."

I riposted with an invitation for an experiment. "Little Man, why don't you just hold my hand and take 2 steps forward." For I had noticed the bane of many a driver's existence and many a walker's sore bum. I had espied a patch of the dreaded black ice on the parking lot.

Intrigued, Little Man tentatively took my hand and took 2 confident steps forward. Soon my holding his hand was the only reason he was still upright. The look I got was very memorable. It was a look of comprehension beyond mere understanding. It was a look of someone who has just had their world turned on end. It was a look that spoke volumes and yet the look really only said something simple. He then said more out of awe than respect, "It IS slippery."

He grasped my hand firmly and together we walked into G-ma D's and G-pa R's house cautiously.

To Recap:
At least for a period of, at most, 5 minutes some of the rules Little Man once thought arbitrary seemed reasonable
Deadline for some work shifted
I have tons to do and no time to do it
It is going to be a long night
I am sure by the time I was back in my car heading to work, Little Man forgot that I had been right about something... for once
Deadline is 9:30 am tomorrow and I have a good bit of work left