Root-Beer Float

Much happened this weekend, but most of what happened is not that exciting so I am going to gloss over the weekend that was.

Little Man got me a new chair for the computer as a Father’s Day gift. We had been using a nice straight backed chair as a computer chair, but, while that chair is comfortable for 30 minutes meal-like increments, it has something to be desired when sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time. The new chair is really nice and cushiony so that makes my butt quite happy. We also got this thing that we can put on the chair as added lumbar support. All in all, it is quite comfy to sit at the computer for hours on end for digital painting, or World of Warcraft adventuring. So whether you are adding lights to Darth Vader’s chest or just into killing trolls, this chair is the chair for you.

The bulk of my weekend was getting Little Man’s swing-set up and running. So far it has been a swing set without a swing. We had to replace one crossbeam to get the swing all swingy, but the manufacturer of this particular swing-set uses lumber that is a just a bit off-size from typical lumber. This weekend’s foray into the world of home repairs took waaaay longer than it should have. Little Man now has a swing though, and that is all that matters. Sure my hands were all eaten up during the construction and assembly process, but it is worth it even though it made the weekend one sweaty outdoor mess. Now I can safely say that we are done with Little Man’s monumental swing-set (until we add on to the other side)* .

But I don’t want to focus on the weekend that was, I want to focus on one particular event. Little Man had his first root-beer float this weekend. This is a big thing because Little Man to this point has been absolutely unwilling to try any sort of cold confectionary treat. No ice cream (soy-based “ice cream” in his case), popsicles, ices, or other various frozen treats in general were just plain un-appealing to him. I am not sure where or why, but he decided yesterday that he wanted to try some “root-beer and ice cream.” We are ecstatic that it was a hit.

He now knows that it is called a “Root-Beer Float,” and woe unto others who might get in his way when he wants one.

To recap:
Tomorrow’s 20 Question Tuesday is a continuation of last week’s
It is going to be hawesome
Yes, “hawesome”
Which is more awesome than mere “awesome”
See, this blog isn’t just about inane drivel, one can also be educated by it as well
Just overheard on the phone with Wifey, “Please don’t do that, your hands smell like ass”
She was talking to Little Man
He is going to be so well adjusted into society
Now I need to find some doughnuts (“donuts” to you, Allrileyedup) made without eggs or dairy
Cabbage and Truck?
Little Man is soooooo not naming any potential pets
FYI: when searching on the Internet for “Deck Stain,” for the love of God and all that is holy, and I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT MISSPELL ANYTHING ESPECIALLY THE FIRST WORD!!!
I need Clorox for my brain!
Make the images go away.... make them go away

*this is the equivalent to a “mumble, mumble, mumble.”