20 Questions Tuesdasy: the apology

Sorry, folks. NO 20 Questions today. Both kids are snotty beyond belief and will take active parenting to keep them asleep. Send non-stuffed up and sleepy thoughts to the kiddos.

I have a good assortment of questions in the queue about the topic "Myths and Legends" that I will have to table until next week. Cheers. I hope everyone else is not having to deal with illness or deal with family with illness.

Sick Baby

Okay, Q is snuffly and all congested, so I will not be giving any attention whatsoever to 20 Questions today. I know it is hard to deal with, but, please persevere as best you can.

To recap:
Q being sick = short non-interesting post
Just a normal everyday ailment
Nothing swiny or fluey about it
Hopefully I will have more to post tomorrow
That is, if she is not even more sick


Both Little Man and Q are sick today. More to the point they were both sick last night and this morning.

The really crappy part was that Little Man was still sick this morning and today at preschool was going to be the day that he could bring things in for his alphabet show and tell circle that started with the letter "T."

T as in TRAIN.

There was much weeping this morning. T Day is is favorite show and tell day because he can show them his trains.

To recap:
There are both doing better today, but still on the mend
Little Man has rebounded a bit more than Q, but I think his fever is hovering just out of site... waiting to pounce
Hopefully they will both be better tomorrow
Now I have to figure out something for dinner
No new job prospects as of yet
Still betwixt and between books
Listening to Wifey and the kids playing upstairs

Un-digital Thursday

The cold meds I am on at the moment make it difficult for me to concentrate. No post today.

To recap:
Advil Cold and Sinus gelcaps, while good at alleviating sinus pressure have a side effect of malaise
Of course I have a primordial tendency towards malaise
That could be the culprit
I would rather blame the cold meds
I need more caffeine as well
But who doesn't?
No really. Who doesn't?
Anyone who says they don't need caffeine to survice cold medicine and boredom is a liar pants
There, I said it
They are a Liar McLiarpants from Fibbville, Tennesse
And a jerk
They are a jerk named Liar McLiarpants from Lower Fibbville, Tennesse
And should be shot
From close range
With paperclips from rubber bands
I mean it
Listening to the arcade music in my head...
Have a great weekend everyone

Stupid Stomachabitch

Last night I was up until stupid early because my stomach was on fire. A strong burning sensation in my belly made laying down and sleeping nearly impossible. I have had a track record of upper gastro-intestinal issues and pretty consistently take medication to alleviate some of the more tiresome symptoms. Forget the Prilosec for 3 days and the belly will let you know.

But the issue last night was something more than mere GERD. Last night was something… well, something more . Now I have to go about the arduous task of finding a new primary care physician. The previous 2 that I have most recently seen changed practices to areas of town that are not at all convenient.

Anyway, I am preoccupied with belly woes, so this post will be rather short.

To recap:
Crackers and water are not a way to live
I am tired of burping
Stupid Stomchabitch