Work again, work again, jiggity jig

Well, I am back at work today. There will be more on this tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be dedicated to going back to work. More than can be said for me.

Q is a very cute baby. I know, I know, I am horrendously biased, but Wifey and I continue to get unsolicited compliments about how cute our newborn baby girl is. We got similar unsolicitations with Little Man as well. We are horrendously biased there as well, but that is immaterial.

Anyhoo… Wifey and I started noticing something when Q was “concentrating” or grimacing in her sleep. Q looks just like Michael Chiklis. Compare and contrast.

Michael Chiklis


Who would have thought? Chiklis is quite the cute baby girl

To recap:
I am tired
Punchy kind of tired
Not listening to anything
I have 239 emails to wade through
Yet, no voice mails