Un-Digital Thursday

I don't have anything artistic to post today. I have been I am currently sitting 3rd in the competition for last Thursday's Digital Thursday piece over at the Cartographer’s Guild. The community there has set up some interesting voting processes. They take the number of entries and divide that by 5 and round up. The resultant quotient is how many votes that each individual voter can cast. I like that it creates voting system that is like applied fuzzy logic. There have been 116 voters casting votes so far, and the margin of victory with 116 votes is only 8, and the difference between myself and the person in second is only 1 vote. The 2 entries that are currently sitting ahead of me are very worthy entries by very capable cartographers. Winning and losing in this It has still been a fun vote to watch.

I think this month’s challenge will be another interesting free for all, but that is a topic for a different Digital Thursday.

Since I do not have anything digital to share, I will tell you a little tidbit about Q.

Last night I bathed both kids in succession. First I got Little Man all sparkling clean and did the best of his bedtime routine. Then after Wifey got home from a meeting I bathed off Q while Wifey was regaled with tales of train watching. I have never seen a child enjoy a bath as much as Q. She gets absolutely giddy when she hears and sees her bath being filled. But the smile of bath anticipation holds nothing on the gleeful face associated with the third minute of immersion. It takes her about three minutes to really soak in the fact that she is really actually IN the bathtub. That it is actually happening… to her. That is when the ear to ear grin crawls across her face.

Pretty soon there will be giggles associated with her beaming smile. That will make the time all that much sweeter.

To recap:
I will have something for Digital Thursday next week
I think that I just needed a break.
Next week I will be back and stronger for the rest
I really need to pee
To bad I am not at the governor’s mansion
Listening to a Never Gonna Give You Up cover by Cake from their B-Sides and Rarities release
Have a great weekend everyone