Un-digital Thursday

The cold meds I am on at the moment make it difficult for me to concentrate. No post today.

To recap:
Advil Cold and Sinus gelcaps, while good at alleviating sinus pressure have a side effect of malaise
Of course I have a primordial tendency towards malaise
That could be the culprit
I would rather blame the cold meds
I need more caffeine as well
But who doesn't?
No really. Who doesn't?
Anyone who says they don't need caffeine to survice cold medicine and boredom is a liar pants
There, I said it
They are a Liar McLiarpants from Fibbville, Tennesse
And a jerk
They are a jerk named Liar McLiarpants from Lower Fibbville, Tennesse
And should be shot
From close range
With paperclips from rubber bands
I mean it
Listening to the arcade music in my head...
Have a great weekend everyone