Sick Baby

Okay, Q is snuffly and all congested, so I will not be giving any attention whatsoever to 20 Questions today. I know it is hard to deal with, but, please persevere as best you can.

To recap:
Q being sick = short non-interesting post
Just a normal everyday ailment
Nothing swiny or fluey about it
Hopefully I will have more to post tomorrow
That is, if she is not even more sick

3 things

Three quick things to discuss today.

Thing the First:
Q is hard to try and keep sleeping at night. Looks like she has a mild cas of the constipation and that is making it a bit difficult to keep her asleep. She tends to wake up very 2 hours in screaming and trying to crawl out of her skin in a clear amount of pain/discomfort. I am amazed at how much conversation revolves around poop for parents of very young children.

Thing the Second:
Little Man is testing boundaries. Wow, is he testing.

Thing the Third:

Got a call back for a "part-time, ad hoc, as needed" position. How about those qualifiers?

To recap:
It is late, but still Monday, so quit your whining
A good weekend marred by fevers and lack of pooping sleep
Reading Blood Ties by Pamela Freeman
20 Questions Tuesday is tomorrow
Q is stirring again
Gotta go...
Listening to the baby monitor


Q is having some difficulties staying asleep at night. At first we thought it was because she was gassy. After administering some antigas medicine. That was not the issue. Then we thought that she might be in the midst of some teething discomfort due to the crooked smile and massive amounts of drooling. We gave her some Motrin. That was not the issue as well. Then we thought that maybe she was having a mild allergic reaction. We gave her some Benadryl. That was not the issue either.

It turns out that her body is trying to stand up in her sleep and that is waking her up. Great. How do you help a baby sleep through that?

To recap:
Q wants to stand on her own much more than she is
At least subconsciously
I WILL have some thing for Digital Thursday tomorrow
Listening to Little Man repeatedly yell "FLLLLY AWAAAAAY" while throwing a parachute toy
Kill me now

Underwear after tights, Superman

Whew… ever felt like a shower and 8 hours of un-interupted sleep could turn you into a bona fide tight wearing potentially cape sporting super hero? Well, that feeling is due to your lack of hygiene and no sleep.

Soap it up you tired fucker.

To recap:
Parental visits have been better
This one has been… interesting
I think my lack of sleep (but amazing hygiene) is limiting my cognition
The other thing limiting my cognition is my brain
Not my Brian, he makes me think about things like super-colliders
Also not my bran, that just makes me poo regularly
Not like peppers, those just clean my system out
Anyone still reading this?
You brave brave souls


Nothing new here. We are doing just the same…
So, anything new for you?

To recap:
Sweet giblets and gravy what have we gotten ourselves into?
Yes, this is one of the topics I have been consciously avoiding recently
Digital Thursday is tomorrow
I can’t think of anything to throw on for it
I guess I will be scanning my ass on the copier this afternoon


Short post alert!
This post is a short one.

This happens to me more often than one would think

Cell phone rings and Wifey’s cell number flashes across the screen.

Me: Hey, Babe.
Wifey: Oops, called the wrong number.
Me: Again?
Wifey: Yep, gotta go. I need to make a phone call.
Me: Okay… um… love you, bye.
Wifey: Love you too, gotta go!


To recap:
I will do something about some letter tomorrow
Really, at least once a week I get the “whoops” call
Sometimes more
Not sure what we are having for dinner tonight
Probably leftovers

Thank you for reading this Short Post
We will bring you back to normal length posting tomorrow.